Catherine Mulier – web shop, wordpress, web design

Unique shoe retailer


Project details

Catherine Mulier is an up-to-date fashion brand that produces comfortable tailor-made high heels. Their concept of selling shoes is that the customer can buy a pair of shoes as one piece at a time, which means that one pair of high heels can consist of two different sizes. As this is a non-standard shoe buying process (commonly purchased as a pair), we had to solve this functionality when designing an online shop. When placing goods into the shopping basket we had to notify the customer that only one piece of that pair of shoes is in the basket. We also dealt with designing a special recommendation notification during the customer’s buying process, which is the reminder of buying the right shoe if the customer only buys the left one. Complications in the development occurred when the customer asked for the link in between individual stores in which shoes are to be sold, with a number of pieces of the given size and colour on the website. Thanks to our experience with WordPress and Woo Commerce, we were able to solve all minor bugs and fulfil the client’s desires.