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Website for a global cryochambers producer

Website developed on TYPO3 CMS and interactive configurator

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Project overview

CRYONiQ is a global manufacturer of cryochambers, for this reason the main website is in English and is primarily designed for the US market. The website is currently available in 15 languages, with the goal of increasing the number of cryochambers sold around the world. To support sales, we have developed an interactive cryochamber configurator where the potential buyer can select the cryochamber exactly to their liking and then send CRYONiQ an enquiry.

Mobile responsivity

Since this website is a sophisticated and complex custom solution, even the mobile version of the website could not fall behind the quality of the project. To make it easier to use the components of the website, especially the configurator on a mobile phone, we needed to completely redesign the entire structure of the site for the mobile version. Thanks to this, we achieved a significantly increased number of enquiries via mobile phone.

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Tvorba web stránky a firemného systému

What kinds of solutions have been applied?

Here you will find a summary of the solutions put in place in the development of this project.

tvorba web stránok

Webpage design

We have designed a robust solution with a global reach. If you are interested in a similar project and would like to learn more about what web development is all about, please visit our Website development section.


Typo3 CMS

We have ensured the stability and security of this website via the TYPO3 content management system. Would you like to learn more about the pros of TYPO3? Visit the TYPO3 section of our website.

Analýza správania sa na webe

Traffic analytics

Thanks to user tracking tools, we have significantly improved the impact of the website on potential customers, increasing the number of inquiries by more than 500%. Would you like to improve your website too? Read about the analytics.

SEO - optimalizácia pre vyhľadávače

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

We have helped increase the number of visitors to a website through search engine optimization. Are you interested in generating more traffic on your website as well? Read more in the SEO – search engine optimization section.

Campaign management

Online campaign management

We launched a global campaign to sell CRYONiQ products and helped the company to increase profits. Do you want to increase your profits too? Read about the online campaign management we offer.

Programovanie na mieru

Tailor-made development

Due to the special features of the website, we needed to develop many custom modules and functionalities. In case you are planning to develop a more complex web portal, you can learn more about custom development in the Custom Programming section.

Mobile apps development

Mobile version

In order to make the website deliver the best possible results, we also developed a special mobile responsive version of the website. Since the special mobile version of the website needs to be graphically designed, you may be interested in the Webdesign section.

jazykové verzie web stránok


As CRYONiQ operates globally, it was necessary to prepare several language versions of this website. In addition, independent websites were developed for some countries. You can learn more in reference section.

tvorba firemných systémov

Company IT system

To facilitate the efficiency of work, we have developed a customized IT management system on top of the website. If you are also in need of streamlining the processes in your company, you can learn more in the company IT systems section.

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