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Dahleh reality – real estate agency

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Project description

Dahleh Reality is a newly established real estate agency offering prestigious real estate in Bratislava. Being newly established, there was a need to design a logo reflecting its values. On top of the logo, a complete corporate identity for this company has been designed including business cards, letterheads, document folders, printed real estate proposals and many more. As part of the CI, we also designed a website, which very effectively presents the individual real estate and development projects on offer.

Corporate identity

The logo design and the entire corporate identity also includes a design manual for the logo, which describes the typography used, defines the company colors, correct and incorrect use of the logo, spacing when placing it on company visuals. A company website has also been designed presenting valuable information in regard to corporate identity.

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What has been developed?

Tvorba loga a corporate identity

Logo and corporate identity

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tvorba web stránok

Website Design

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WordPress CMS

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