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We originally designed the presentation for the HACCPoint client years ago and it had long been dated when the client approached us again. We agreed with the client on a redesign and the latest version of the WordPress CMS. The redesign was necessary anyways due to the significantly increased sales “caused” by the success of the original website as well as an expansion of the client’s range of services.
Owing to the now large number of services offered, we needed to tailor a special menu so that the customer could get to the required service as quickly as possible without the need for a “deeper study” of the website. We have also implemented the special menu into the mobile version.
It was quite time consuming to choose the right images and produce the banners for each service due to the large number of subpages. We also had to adapt its structure to the scope of the website so that our client’s customer could get to the sought for information as quickly as possible.

Special mobile version

At the time our client started a business, his budget for the website was limited and there was no room for a special mobile version, so the original website was designed using classic responsiveness, which may not always be the most optimal option – especially not for larger presentations.
This time around, the client, helped by the fact that the original website significantly started his business, decided to invest in a special mobile version. This mobile version has significantly increased the mobile phone user experience, bringing the client an even greater number of customers.

A website that is well optimized for user experience will enable your potential customers to better find the goods and services you offer.

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