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Webdesign, WordPress, ordering system, special mobile version

Raket is a provider of wireless internet for the Trnava region. The client’s requirement was to present the pros of their solution over the competition and the option of online ordering of their services. To meet the client’s wishes we made a decision to develop an interactive ordering system that adds the most relevant types of services to the main option selected by customer. Due to the relatively high mobile traffic, the classical responsivity for common websites was out of question. Instead, efforts needed to be made to fit a special mobile version to the ordering system.

Connection with the company’s CRM system

In the past we designed and developed a CRM system for this customer allowing for a better contact with customers, but also a comprehensive company management. This time, based on a discussion with the client a decision was made to connect the client’s website to the internal CRM system. Long story short, the process works as follows:
the customer orders the Internet connection service through the website, the website registers the order with the CRM system, the CRM system then sends a confirmation email to the customer. Once the order is finally confirmed by the customer, the CRM system sends tasks to particular employees based on their availability to get ready for the Internet connection installation.

Orders from your website can be sent to your company’s IT system.

What has been developed?

Web design

Web design

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Objenávkový proces

Order management portal

We have utilized the WordPress CMS to develop an order management system…

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