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Portal Development

We can create a portal according to your ideals

Based on your idea, we can create any portal for you, whether it is a search engine for products, cars, information, blogs, auctions or others. In principle, it does not matter whether you plan to develop a personal portal, a regional, news or government portal, or a business portal, the development of every single one has its pitfalls. You can find out about portals in the section below.


What is portal development

Usual procedures and answers to questions

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How much does it cost?

The price for the development of an Internet portal consists of several factors, and therefore we will need more information to determine the estimated price. These include the purpose for which the portal will be used, whether it is a smaller personal project or an intelligence, regional or government portal. The required functionality and expected traffic, as well as a number of other factors, also have a significant effect on the final price. It’s a good idea to consider your budget before you start creating. Based on the indicative budget you provide, we will suggest the most optimal solution for you.

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Project documentation – graphic design and system description

For larger and more demanding portals, in addition to graphic design – web design, it is necessary to create a functional specification, which will include the complete functionality of the system and a detailed description of each part. Without the creation of such project documentation, some misunderstandings may occur between the client and the development company. Therefore, it is necessary to have the most detailed documentation for the portal creation.


Portal programming, or use of a platform

Based on your idea and functional specification of the portal, we will select the most suitable option for its creation. Smaller solutions can be created on ready-made platforms with more or fewer modifications. The advantage of such a solution is its price, as well as the fact that the development will visibly take less time in the range of weeks. On the other hand, larger solutions with expected high traffic need to be tailored specifically. The advantage in this case is that the functionality accurately reflects the requirements. Due to the fact that the portal has only programmed the necessary parts of its service, such a solution is more efficient in terms of speed and lower loading time on the server. The disadvantage is the time required in the range of several months to years and the adequate price, which, however, with high traffic can return relatively quickly in terms of lower server operating costs.

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Functionality and stress testing

If you decide for a tailor-made portal solution, after programming, it is necessary to completely test its functionality and correct any deficiencies before launching the portal. Here it should be taken into account that testing and correction of possible errors will take a third to a half of the development time of the portal with a larger solution. For portals with expected high traffic (tens of thousands of users per day), it is advisable to perform stress tests before launching. Before launching the portal, especially if it contains more sensitive data, it is advisable to perform penetration tests, which reveal possible security risks before hacker attacks, and then repair any security holes.

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