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Programming – web applications, frontend, backend, desktop applications

Are you interested in a solution that is not available on the market?

Custom programming allows you to create any web, desktop application, module or system. It is one of the most expensive, but at the same time with sufficient budgets also the most effective solutions for specific requirements for the functioning of the system. The advantage is that the system, portal or functionality programmed in this way contains only the parts that are necessary for its proper functioning, which has a significant impact on the speed and efficiency of the solution.


Čo potrebujete vedieť, ak sa rozhodnete pre webdesign

Grafický návrh web stránky, eshopu alebo portálu – výhody a podľa čoho sa tvorí



A frontend is a part of an application or system with which the user is constantly in contact. The frontend is programmed based on a well-designed UI and UX. A well-programmed frontend should work quickly and efficiently on all types of devices. Our company provides frontend programming of systems, applications and portals on Vue, React, Angular frameworks.



The backend is the basis of every system, in fact it forms its core. Even if the user does not see the backend, its quality is essential for the proper foundation of any system. We can develop backend on several platforms, but we most often use C #, PHP and Java.


Desktop application programming

Although nowadays we can program applications on web technologies and platforms, sometimes for security or use of the native operating system environment, it is more advantageous to develop the application directly for the desktop.


Quality and safety testing

Testing has a great influence on the final quality of the programmed work. It consists of several phases, in principle there are manual and automatic forms of testing. Manual testing is performed by a person who tests the individual functions of the work. Likewise, manual testing can also be used to test user accessibility, security, and overall proper system functionality.
Automatic testing is not performed manually by humans, but scripts are programmed for testing that reveal possible shortcomings. This type of test is used, for example, to test functionalities, connections and security.

After testing, any errors and deficiencies are rectified and testing is resumed.

Prepájanie aplikácií

Custom modules programming to open source

Open-source solutions offer a number of features at a significantly lower cost compared to custom-tailored development. Open-source software can be extended with various modules, which many times after a slight or more extensive modification will provide the necessary functionality. However, there are also cases where the required module cannot be found or purchased as it does not exist. In this case, the module must be programmed for the system from the ground up. If you have such a requirement, we can provide programming of modules for WordPress, TYPO3, Prestashop, Magento, or for other open-source solutions.

Services closely related to custom programming

If you have decided on a tailor-made development, you may be interested

Printová grafika


a necessity
for success

When programming a customized project with higher complexity, a description of the system and its functionality is essential

Webdesign Bratislava

UI and UX

user interface and
user experience

The user interface is an essential part of any system or application solution

Creation of mobile applications



The system can be programmed not only for desktop or web, but it can also be programmed for mobile devices

firemný systém a automatizácia

Company system

An effective solution
for your company

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tvorba portálov

Creation of portals

Web companies
and other portals

Custom programming is also related to the creation of online, corporate or state portals

Webdesign Bratislava

Web design

graphics for
web solutions

If you are interested in programming web solutions such as web shops and portals, web design is an integral part of such a solution.