Logo design
Corporate Identity-creating a company colors and materials

What amounts corporate identity?

Creating a corporate identity is among the most fundamental role in establishing the company. Corporate identity includes company name, logo creation, designs of company colors, letterhead, business cards, brochures, stamps, which describe the company and its business model. Based on these elements, the customer will remember your company and he will develop a concept about the company.

Company Logo

Logotype or logo is graphic associated with your company or business. If a customer sees your logo he imagines your company. Well-designed logo can inspire greater confidence of clients and can last for decades.

It is important that the logo has been designed correctly, because if improperly designed logo is used in advertising and press materials, later changes can come very expensive.

The logo can be image, text, or text with an image or a simple graphic. Modern logo is mostly the abstract and bicolour. When creating the logo and corporate identity, we take into account several factors such as the customer requires from the logo, what is the idea of ​​the look and feel of the company, etc.

Company colors

Using carefully chosen corporate color is another tool to get business among our customers. It is important that all promotional literature includes corporate colors.

If you decide in the production of corporate identity for us, we have prepared for you:

  • Logo
  • Design manual for the logo and the entire corporate identity
  • Letterhead, business cards and stamps, envelopes, labels, packaging, billboards, pens and other promotional items and corporate materials
  • We will create a professional website in corporate colors and other elements of corporate identity with a logical structure with emphasis on SEO – optimization for search engines
  • And other necessary materials