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Web Shop and E-commerce Development

Prestashop, woocommerce, magento, or custom web shop.
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When creating a web shop, it is important to decide on the right solution. The quality of the proposed solution is, in addition to marketing, one of the biggest influences on the success or failure of the sale of a given product. The most important thing for a successful sale is that the web shop is as clear as possible and the purchase is as simple as possible for the customer.
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What you need to know If you decide to opt for a web shop design

Information on the basis of which we can propose the best solution



The budget for creating a web shop has the greatest influence on the selection of a suitable solution. With lower budgets, we can deliver a quality solution that includes only basic functionality. Such a web shop is a suitable choice for a start-up or small business. The budget has a great impact on the use of a suitable platform, from which the future web shop development is dependent on. We can create an online store in basically any budget. Based on the amount you want to invest in the web shop, we can recommend the right solution.


Web shop functionalities

In the case of functionalities, it is important for us to know your requirements, based on which we can design the selection of a suitable platform, regarding your budget. This also applies if you opt for a web shop built on an open source. More expensive solutions built on the Prestashop or Magento system have a number of high standard functionalities, but for some it is necessary to purchase, install or modify individual modules, which can have a significant impact on the price, especially for more complicated solutions. When developing a tailor-made web shop, it is necessary to keep in mind that every high standard functionality must be programmed. For this reason, we recommend tailor-made development only for really large projects.


Number of items

Regarding the previously mentioned, it is important for us to know the estimated number of items that your web shop should contain at launch or in the future. Based on the number of items, we can design a suitable choice of platform. With a small number of items, it is not necessary to use sophisticated platforms that are more difficult to modify. For example, if your web shop will contain 50 items, it is not necessary to include product filtering or extensive categorization, so it is advisable to use a simpler and cheaper platform for this form of online store.


Marketing, web shop promotion, brand building

In addition to creating a web shop, it is also necessary to choose a suitable form of promotion. There are many ways to promote your online store, such as SEO optimization, paid Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, print, radio or TV advertising, and other forms. Each form of marketing has its purpose and based on your promotion requirements, we will choose the most suitable form. If you are setting up a brand new web shop, you will probably need to design a logo or other promotional materials.


Web shop platform

As has been mentioned several times, the web shop platform forms its foundation. Depending on your other requirements, we can provide you with a suitable platform. We recommend using WooCommerce or OpenCart for smaller web shops. For medium and larger solutions, we recommend Prestashop or Magento. With special requirements and excessively high traffic, we can also program a custom-made frontend for these platforms, which will give the web shop unlimited functionality and extremely high loading speed. By clicking on the names of the individual platforms in this text you will be relocated to a page containing information about the given platform.

Most used platforms for web shop creation

Most used by us



Simple web shop
in WordPress

For simpler web shops with a smaller number of products, we recommend a web shop built in WooCommerce due to its simplicity



Web shop that can
handle almost anything

A solution suitable for creating a medium or large-scale online store with a number of functionalities and extensions… more in the Prestashop section



A system for extensive
web shops

Like Prestashop, it is suitable for medium and large e-commerce solutions, but compared to Prestashop it is more demanding for customization… more about Magento

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