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Website Development

Wordpress, TYPO3 and other solutions

Web design involves several activities from our portfolio of services. In most cases, creating a website requires a graphic design, so-called web design, coding the template according to the web design, and the deployment of a suitable content management system to manage the content located on the website. The website may also contain various effects or other functionalities in order to best fulfill its purpose.


Website development – what you need to know

Before you decide to opt for a website

development of websites web design

Web design versus template – clear web design will bring more customers

You can choose from several alternatives when designing a website. The basic ones are: custom-made web design or you decide for a web page that is created on a template (i.e. a finished graphic design). Both of these solutions have their advantages and disadvantages.

Designing websites over a template
For a website that is created on a template, its main advantage is the price, as it is not necessary to create a custom-made graphic design, plus in most cases, the templates are directly integrated into one of the content management systems, thus eliminating the item for implementing the design into the content management system. Additionally, in many cases, the template can be modified to suit your corporate colours. The disadvantage of this solution is that a website built on a template is in most cases created only for the initial ‘wow’ effect and thus creates confusing presentations that do not meet basic web standards. Moreover, such are not always perfectly coded and in case of a need for adjustment the template can be very difficult and inefficient. Due to the not exactly ideal structure and loading speed of such websites, they can have a problem by not being ranked highly within search engines. Often it happens that after filling in all the text into a web page, the website loses its appeal, as the template was not designed for your needs, but only for the ‘wow’ effect.

Tailor-made web design
Custom-made graphic design brings a number of benefits, such as a unique web presentation that is more trustworthy for the customer, as it does not resemble any other website of the competitors out there. The website is clearer, more readable and reflects the exact brand identity and the needs of your customers. Find out more in the Web design section.

wordpress and typo 3 cms

CMS – Content management system – control a web page easily

The content management system is used to manage the content of your website. Thanks to the content management system, you can edit texts, add photos, videos and other content on the website. Additionally, the content management systems we use have a number of additional modules, thanks to which we can supplement a simple web presentation with a number of extensions and functions, such as web shop, various contact forms, configurators, ordering systems and many other services. Such create a website attractive to one’s eye and better interaction with the customer, thus resulting in higher demand for your products or services. Our company can create a website on virtually any CMS system, but due to our experience and the most optimal price/benefit ratio, as well as clarity and simplicity of the system for users, we recommend our clients to use content management system WordPress or TYPO 3. You can read more about individual systems in the WordPress and TYPO 3 subpages.

tvorba web stránok mobilná verzia

Mobile version of a website – will bring more customers

All web pages created by us include responsiveness, i.e. they adapt to the screen sizes of mobile devices and tablets. In many segments, website traffic via mobile phone reaches 80% – 90%, so we recommend not to underestimate the mobile version of a website. Many times, especially for web presentations with a larger amount of content, the classic responsive version of a website may not be sufficient, and for better clarity, we can create a special version of the website for a mobile version. This brings many benefits in the form of clarity, loading speed via a mobile phone with a slower connection, as well as benefits in the Google search engine positions, as the Google algorithm often prefers a mobile version in search results.

website development effects

Effects used on a website – attract the customer

When creating web pages to highlight an important part to attract the eye of a customer, we can use various graphics, such as product rotation, page pop-up elements, animations and many others. As previously mentioned, since the effects on a website serve to attract the eye towards important information, there is no need to exaggerate with them, as incorrectly used effects can divert the customer’s attention and can lead to them closing the website.

SEO, PPC, marketing

SEO, paid advertising, marketing – so people know about your website

Anticipated marketing or SEO has a big impact on the structure, scope and price of a website. Whether you opt for SEO or paid online advertising, creating a website will become more difficult for the following reasons.

SEO – Search engine optimization
The advantage of optimization is that a well-optimized page for a search engine and its subsequent placement in high positions with a certain keyword can bring you customers without having to pay for any advertising, while a higher initial investment in creating a website can pay off very quickly. If you choose this option, website development is much more challenging than when you do not need to acquire new customers through SEO. For good results in Google search, it is necessary to do a lot of extra work on the website, such as optimizing the speed of the website, editing text (copywriting), text structure, in most cases necessary to add a larger amount of information and many other factors. The extent of the adjustments will depend on the keyword you want to rank high with in the search results and the strength of your competition. More in the SEO section.

Paid advertising
Paid advertising takes many forms. You can choose from several options: promotion via Google Ads, Facebook or Instagram. There are other forms of paid advertising, but due to the limited amount of text allowed, we will focus on only the most basic ones. In the case of paid advertising, it should be borne in mind that the price for paid advertising can range from hundreds to thousands of euros per month, and the website should be adapted to this, especially in terms of intuitiveness, clarity and speed. Therefore, if a website does not meet these parameters, the time spent on advertising may be inefficient. More in the Paid Advertising section.

photography for website

Usage of photography and content – photography as a pillar of eye-catching graphics

Photographs or other graphic elements form an almost inseparable part of a website and are important for the correct presentation of your products or services. With website content, there are several ways to fill up the creative content part of the website.

Photos can be obtained from free or paid photo-banks. The disadvantage of free photo-banks is that the content is in most cases not the same as the client’s intention. In the case of the use of paid photo-banks, the content is much more varied, but many times it also affects the final price of the website, especially for larger presentations that contain a lot of photos. Another option is to have your own photos taken by a professional photographer. Find out more in the Photos section.

Icons and illustrations
There are icon databases where icons can be purchased. The range of icons is very wide, but not all icons that describe a given product and service are in line with each other. Therefore, sometimes choosing the right icons takes a lot of time. If it is not possible to find suitable icons, we can use alternative content in the form of illustrations and images on the website, or we can create custom-made icons or illustrations.

Infographics are the right choice for a presentation of a process or technology. In most cases, it is necessary to tailor it. More in the Infographics section.

copywrighting texts on website

Copywrighting – text as the basis of a quality website

One of the most important things on a website is the text. It is necessary to realize that the customer did not come to the website to look at the effects and unnecessary illustrations, but first of all came to get the necessary information. Many people have the false impression that potential customers are not reading the website. Thanks to our analytical tools, we can responsibly declare that 90% of visitors come to the site just to read important information. It is for this reason that it is important for the texts to be written in an engaging and comprehensive way. In addition, if you are interested in search engine optimization, it is essential that there are certain keywords in the text. The text on the page must not only be well written, but also well structured, it is necessary to use the correct typography.


Typography – better readability and appearance of the website

One of the underestimated things when creating websites is typography. However, typography is very important, as it affects the readability of the text, its clarity, as well as the overall appearance of the page. In most cases, we try to use typography based on corporate identity, but many times fonts designed by the designer who created the company’s original corporate image are unusable for the web, or require the purchase of a special license to display such a font. For this reason, already from the first idea of creating a company it is important within identity making to choose a firm that understands this matter when creating it. More in the Corporate identity section.

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