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Google, Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Paid Promotion – Setting up your campaigns properly will save you money while increasing your profits

Have you started a business? Or do you need to increase the number of customers? Paid online advertising through Google, Facebook or Instagram, can help you quickly start or grow your business.


Paid advertising and its forms

How we can help you


Facebook advertising

There are many benefits to promoting through Facebook. One of them is that you don’t even need to own a website to promote a product or service. A number of factors are important to setting up your campaign properly, such as the type of product or service, as well as the goal of your ad, whether you need to increase brand awareness or increase the number of buyers. Through the social network Facebook, you can focus precisely on the type of customer you are addressing. Another advantage is the relatively low price. Despite this fact, the correct setting of such a campaign, as in the case of Google advertising, is extremely important, and we recommend entrusting its management to professionals.


Instagram advertising

Instagram is a social network with over 1 billion users and is still rapidly growing. It contains a diverse community of users with unlimited marketing potential. Because Instagram and Facebook are connected to each other, it’s easier to target your audience. Another advantage is that the Shopify service can be integrated into Instagram and thanks to that you can sell your products immediately. There are several ways to run an instagram campaign, but knowing what you want to achieve is essential in this case. You can use several types of ads to promote, such as ad photos, video ads, carousels, and stories. Proper use of this social network can increase awareness of your brand and at the same time you can achieve higher sales. However, we recommend that you entrust the management of these campaigns to professionals.


LinkedIn advertising

The advantage of advertising through LinkedIn is that it focuses on professional segments, which brings a number of benefits. The vast majority of users are educated people with higher incomes. For this reason, advertising on this platform is most effective for segments looking for customers from certain industries and professions. It is suitable for the promotion of products and services that are targeted at specific sectors and job positions. As you’ve read, LinkedIn can bring you valuable customers, but you need to target such campaigns very specifically and with professional care, so we encourage our clients to put it in the hands of professionals.

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