Programming iOS and Android applications

iOS and Android apps, hybrid apps

Mobile app development

Mobile applications to help develop your business or idea

The mobile application can significantly streamline your corporate system and give you a better overview of your employees, while making it easier for you to access corporate system data wherever you are.

Development of mobile applications

Types of mobile applications

Native applications for iOS and Android

Unlike hybrid applications based on HTML5, native mobile applications have several advantages. Among the advantages of native applications is that they can take full advantage of device support, i.e. full access to GPS location, device camera, microphone, contacts, etc. Thanks to these properties, such an application can be used for any purpose. Another advantage is that native applications run faster and more stable on most devices compared to hybrid applications.

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Hybrid applications

Hybrid applications offer several advantages over conventional native applications. The main ones are that they behave in the same way as natives in the facility. Another advantage is that they are built on codes that are used in web solutions. This means that many times you do not need to upgrade to a new version of the operating system when you upgrade your operating system manufacturer. Another indisputable advantage is that, unlike native development, you only need to create one application and the application does not have to be developed for multiple devices separately, which saves money and time. You can make use of such an application if you need to develop an app with a lower number of functionalities and if you don’t have high expectations for the layout of elements.

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