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E-commerce platform suitable for medium and large solutions

If the expected number of items in the web shop exceeds 100, Prestashop becomes a suitable platform. Its main advantage is, against all similar solutions, the excellent ratio of the price of development and the range of functionalities.


Main benefits of Prestashop

From the many benefits, you can read about the most important ones

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Price-quality ratio for development

Prestashop offers the best price-performance ratio in relation to functionality for medium and large web shop solutions. The advantage of the system is that most parts can be modified relatively easily, and thus meet even more demanding requirements. Prestashop is built from the ground up as a web shop platform and all its functionalities are adapted to it. For the basic solution, it is necessary to purchase several localization modules, for example for Slovak invoices and a few others. However, these are not extremely high items. Like any open source, it basically has some shortcomings, which we have already debugged thanks to our many years of experience and have developed a number of projects in it. This means that if you are interested in a more cost-effective solution, we can also offer you a ready-made platform, which we can modify according to your requirements and budget into a solution that will satisfy even high demands.

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Lots of functionalities

Prestashop has a really wide range of functionalities, whether it is a frontend or admin zone, so we will mention only the most important ones. Frontend, full text search with product designs, product filtering by parameters and properties (suitable for web shops with many items), related products (it is possible to assign other recommended products to the product, which can increase your turnover), sales of not only classic but also virtual products and many more. After purchasing the modules, the functionality can be significantly expanded. The functionality of the admin zone includes full text search in products, an unlimited number of product categories, tax rules depending on countries and regions, automatic resizing of images, the possibility of wholesale – setting price rules for certain customer groups and much more.

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Lots of modules

Prestashop can be extended with almost any functionality. One of the most popular with our clients is payment by credit card, such as GoPay, CardPay. Another is the XML export of products to price comparators, such as Heureka and many others. This platform has a number of different modules available, so it’s up to you which one to choose.

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Multistore – one admin, multiple web shops on different domains

This function already belongs to the basis of Prestashop. Thanks to this, it is possible to control several web shops on different domains via one administration interface. This means that only you decide in which web shop the given product, or other data, will be displayed and with which elements. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that this functionality has some limitations, but by working with us, we can remove these limitations.

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Possibility of connection with accounting systems – POHODA, Money S3

Thanks to the extensions, we can connect Prestashop with basic accounting systems. When connecting to systems, it will be important to know what connection you will be interested in, as there are many connection options. It is also important to know whether it is a one-way or two-way communication, i.e. whether, for example, you are only interested in linking orders directly to the accounting system, or you want to have a warehouse and products synchronized with the accounting system. In addition to these connections, we can also develop connections with non-standard custom systems. However, we will also need the cooperation of the developer of your system for such connection.

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