Spring Boot

Java and Kotlin framework

What is Spring Boot

Spring Boot is a so called framework („superstructure“) of two related programming languages – Java and Kotlin.These languages were named after two islands – Java in Indonesia and Kotlin near St. Petersburg.Developed by Sun Microsystems (later taken over by the database giant Oracle), Java is one of the oldest widely used programming languages.

Java is used in software development for mid and large enterprises.

Kotlin is Java’s younger, more efficient sibling. Both languages are compiled into so called “bytecode, so ultimately they run in the same environment.

Since 2017, the Kotlin programming language has been Google’s preferred language for Android app developers. Most of the top apps are written in Kotlin, Google itself has its apps written in Kotlin, including Maps and Drive.

Spring Boot enables fast, efficient programming in the environment of these two powerful languages. As a framework – in the right hands – it provides the guarantee of the “cleanly written” code using best programming practices.

Spring Boot use-cases

As mentioned before, it’s specifically used in case of larger projects, whether they are web portals, larger or more sophisticated websites, or software for enterprises.

Spring Boot/Kotlin would power any large-scale projects in a stable and long-term manner.

Another positive is efficient scalability and modification options.

If you want to be on par with even the world’s largest corporations, Kotlin is the way to go.

For Android mobile apps, the Spring Boot/Kotlin bundle is currently the best option.

Based on Java
suitable for any deployment

Spring Boot/Kotlin – the right tool, if used the right way

Talking about large websites and IT systems, long-term developer experience is an absolute must for this technology.

Our programmers have developed and streamlined large enterprise systems for such world-class companies as German giant Braun, the upcoming Czech social network for artists the Crowning arts, and the Manhattan-based medical clinic Bodhi in New York.

A thorough understanding of the aspects of such large systems is a prerequisite for the successful completion of even a mega-project.

It is this know-how and experience that we have to offer to you.

Where you can use Spring Boot

The most common use

Project documentation for development

Project documentation

Spring Boot is used in larger projects, where project documentation is a necessity… learn more in the Project documentation section

tvorba firemných systémov

Company IT systems

Spring Boot is used for back-end development when developing a custom company system… learn more in the Company IT Systems section

Portals development

Development of web portals

Spring Boot is a very useful tool for developing large web portals due to its scaleability… learn more in the web portals development section