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WordPress – content management system

The most used CMS system in the world

WordPress is a content management system – originally designed as a system for creating and managing blogs, but today it offers a much wider range of options, from the functionality of a CMS system with a very simple content management, to e-commerce solutions. The advantage of the WordPress system is that with the help of extensions we can give you full control over the website so you can manage it easily and intuitively.


What you need to know about WordPress

Simple, efficient and affordable solution, suitable for small and medium-sized projects

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Main benefits od WordPress

We can create a web page in the WordPress system in relatively short time, so if you need to launch your web presentation quickly, WordPress is the ideal solution. Thanks to this system, you can edit the content of the page, such as texts, images, videos, pdf files and many other things, all by yourself. Of course, the solution we have created is responsiveness (good display of the website on a mobile phone). If necessary, we can also make extensive modifications, such as creating a special mobile version, editing menu bars and many other features.

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Simple administration

WordPress brings a number of benefits to the user, especially with a smaller web presentation. One of its undeniable advantages is its simple administration. The solution proposed by us on this system enables simple structuring of complete content on a web page, moving individual elements on the web page and others. The sizes of headings, texts and elements can be modified via the WordPress administration interface without any programming knowledge. After a few hours of training, even a person who has not yet encountered WordPress can manage a website built in the WordPress system. You can add a lot of content using Drag and Drop technology, i.e. you simply drag the image from your computer and upload it directly to WordPress. You can also drag and drop individual elements on the page.

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WordPress functionalities

Basically, WordPress itself has a number of features that will make life easier for the average user. You can easily add buttons, forms, galleries, articles, pages, videos, and many other elements to a page. We can extend this system with almost any functionality, there are countless possibilities, but we select the most common requirements of our clients.

Thanks to the module, you can use a website built on WordPress in an unlimited number of languages.

WooCommerce – online shop
Thanks to the WooCommerce extension, you can have an online store with multiple functions on the website. This means that thanks to WordPress you can not only present your products and services, but also sell them. At WooCommerce, there are also various extensions for special delivery methods, and you can also choose from a number of payment gateways.

WordPress portal
With the use of suitable extensions, WordPress can also be used for less demanding portal solutions.

Booking – Reservation system
If you own an accommodation or salon and need a reservation system, WordPress can also meet this requirement. There are several options and the reservation can also be made by the use of a credit card.

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WordPress fundamentals

Thanks to our experience, we have fine-tuned the WordPress administration interface so that really anyone can control it. We purchase most of the used modules from certified and verified developers, or we program or modify them at our own expense. Many inexperienced developers use unverified modules that are incompatible with the WordPress version or are unstable, which can affect not only the functionality but also the speed and security of the website. It has happened to many of our clients that a previous developer used modules that were free from unverified sources in an effort to save money, but then the website became infected with a virus, making it impossible to use it. Therefore, while developing, we pay attention to security, so that the site has as few security holes as possible and it is possible to update it at any moment.

What can WordPress be used for

The most common use of WordPress

Tvorba web stránok

Website creation

for both small
and big companies

The following information is closely related to WordPress, so it is advisable to read this section as well, you can find out more in the section Creating Web Pages

tvorba portálov

Portal development

development of
a simple portal

Although we recommend using WordPress for smaller portals, before contacting our company you can also view the section Creating Portals

tvorba eshopov

Web shops

web shop with a smaller
number of items

For more information on choosing a suitable platform for a web shop and what creating s web shop entails, you can click the Developing web shops section.

Projects designed in WordPress

Our projects in the WordPress system