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Web design

creation of websites, web shops and portals



template preparation before programming



company’s visibility



website visits and customer behaviour


Online Advertisement Agency ABCDesign

Solutions for both big and small clients

Our internet advertising agency provides full service care to your company. Thanks to our professionalism and favorable pricing policy, we also provide subcontracting services for larger agencies, whether in Slovakia or abroad. Our clients also include several major Slovak companies, as well as agencies from Austria, Germany, Great Britain and the US.

What we focus on?

We focus on web design and development of internet services that help our customers improve profits, business processes or communication with customers or employees. These services include the creation of web pages, the creation of online stores, the creation of portals, the creation of corporate systems, the creation of applications, whether hybrid or iOS/Android. In addition to creating Internet solutions, we also specialise in branding and complete marketing. Thanks to this experience, we are able to build a new brand and raise awareness or improve your current corporate or other marketing position.

How we work

When creating or designing any of our solutions, we pay attention to your needs and wants, and based on them, we try to design the best strategy to effectively improve the current situation. In doing so, we particularly pay attention to the cost-benefit ratio for the client. For this reason, to achieve a high quality design of your solution, we need to be informed about the gross budget that you want to invest in the solution before sending the price offer.

What we Use for Development and Programming

Our most used platforms



Development – creation
of websites

We can develop almost anything in WordPress, but this system has certain limitations… you can find out more in the WordPress section…



Programming – creation of
portals & systems

We use the TYPO3 system for larger projects, where we can modify this system and create any project on it… more in the TYPO3 section…


React JS

Tailor-made system

For larger projects that require custom programming due to functionality and performance, we use React JS for development…



Simple web shop creation
over WordPress

For simpler web shops with a smaller number of products, we recommend a web shop built in WooCommerce due to the simplicity



Web shop that can handle
almost anything

A solution suitable for creating a medium or large-scale online store with a number of functionalities and extensions… more in the Prestashop section



System for extensive
web shops

Like Prestashop, it is suitable for medium and large e-commerce solutions, but compared to Prestashop it is more demanding for customisation… find out more in Magento section

Examples of web design, UI, programming from our workroom

A few examples of what we can create


Benefits of working with us

Decide to work with us and get a lot of benefits

Our team consists of specialists with many years of experience in web design, graphics, programming, SEO, internet marketing and strategy creation. Thanks to our quality team, we can also develop demanding solutions, such as a company application, portal or internal system, completely turnkey from project documentation through programming to deployment and testing. Our graphic specialists will prepare a company logo, corporate identity, poster design, billboard design, brochure or other print presentation for you. Thanks to SEO and marketing specialists, we can analyze the accessibility of your website for its users and incorporate proposed changes into the website, ensure high ranking positions in the Google search engine and many other marketing activities from strategy design to campaign evaluation.