Custom programming

Web applications, frontend, backend, desktop applications

Interested in a solution that is not readily available in the market?

Custom programming allows you to have any website, mobile application, module or IT system tailor-made to your needs. It is one of the most expensive, but – having sufficient budget – also the most effective solutions to the specific requirements for your desired IT system functionality.

The pros are obvious though. You get exactly the IT system your money can buy, no compromises. You get the features you desire and the speed and efficiency can be as fine-tuned as it gets.

Programovanie na mieru

Custom programming – when it hits the nail

When developing systems or portals where high traffic is expected and/or emphasis is placed on security, it is advisable to consider going for a customized solution using frameworks. The pros include high security and efficient data processing – hence high speed and overall efficiency. It will also prevent your IT system from overloading as much as technically feasible. In most cases, it is convenient to have project documentation ready as well describing all the individual features and the exact way they work. If you do not have the documentation yet, we are ready to prepare it for you based on your requirements.

Safety, speed and stability
Main pros of custom development

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What you need to know about custom programming

The development process – basic info

Frontend – beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Frontend is the part of an application or web portal that the users can see with their own eyes. The frontend is programmed based on a well-designed UI and UX. A well-programmed frontend should work quickly and efficiently on all types of devices. Our company offers frontend programming of applications and web portals based on mainly React and Vue.js (Javascript) frameworks.

Backend – the invisible backbone of the application

The backend is the backbone and – albeit hidden – is at the very core of every web based IT system. Invisible to the eyes of the user, its speed and efficiency is essential for the proper functioning of any application. We develop backend predominantly on PHP (Laravel/Typo 3) and Java/Kotlin (Spring boot) platforms.

Desktop application programming

Although presently the majority of applications we produce are web based technologies and platforms, at times and due to security or other concerns, makes sense to develop a desktop based application.

Quality and security testing

Testing is a decisive activity in terms of the final project quality. It comes in stages, while there are two types – manual and automatic. Manual testing is performed by a person who tests the individual software features. Similarly, manual testing can also be applied to test UX (User eXperience), security, and overall correct functioning of the software application.

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Custom modules programming for open source platforms

Open source platforms offer a range of features at significantly more affordable rates than custom development. Open source systems can be extended with various modules (aka plugins) and – especially if modified – provide the desired features. However, there are also cases when the module with the desired functionality just does not exist. If that is the case it needs to be developed from the ground up.

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Why don’t you show me more references?

We are bound by non-disclosure agreements for the majority of the corporate systems we have developed. For this reason, we are not entitled to publish the projects as references. If you are interested in a personal meeting, we can also present projects absent on our website.

Services closely related to custom programming

If you have decided on a tailor-made development, you may be interested

Project documentation for development

Project documentation

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Web design

UI and UX

The user interface is an essential part of any system or application solution

Mobile apps development

Mobile apps

The system can be programmed not only for desktop or web, but it can also be programmed for mobile devices… more in section Mobile apps

tvorba firemných systémov

Company system

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Portals development

Portals development

Custom programming is also related to the creation of online, corporate or state portals… more in section Web portals

Web design

Web design

If you are interested in programming web solutions such as web shops and portals, web design is an integral part of such a solution…. more in Web design