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TYPO3 is a robust system with well -organized structure, which can also be extended with any type of functionality. It all leads to the possibility to run large applications with huge traffic on its platform.

Compared to other commonly used platforms, it offers a high level of data security. There are many more reasons to choose Typo 3, the most elemental ones can be found below.

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TYPO3 – where we use it

TYPO3 is the right choice for medium-sized and large, rather sophisticated web-projects, where high security, system flexibility and/or high traffic is required. TYPO3 has been our CMS of choice for more than 15 years and owing to our long-term experience we can develop for you any website, regardless of its level of difficulty and features. A number of our large projects is based on TYPO3, such as the Cine-max cinema network, the worldwide cryosauna manufacturer CRYONiQ or SOGA auction system – the last one still in progress. These projects are a living example of TYPO3 as a versatile and reliable tool.

that stood the test of time

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Why TYPO3 should be your option


Well organized

Thanks to a well-structured menu, TYPO3 is suitable for websites with a large number of subpages. By accessing the required content directly by clicking on a menu item, the web site/system administrator can make adjustments in a relatively short time. CMS functionality is logical and intuitive. This means that even a regular user is able to manage the content and settings of the system after some training, which is almost impossible in other content management systems without actual programming skills.


TYPO3 offers a number of features and options for setting up and modifying websites, which you can only dream of with other CMS. In addition, a number of modules are available, which can be significantly modified for the user’s needs with some programming knowledge. In addition to modifying using modules, any additional custom functionality can be developed with TYPO3. This is why we recommend it for medium and large projects.

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Being used mainly in medium and large projects, TYPO3 is not as widespread as WordPress or Joomla!. Therefore, there are almost no bot scripts looking for well-known holes in the CMS. The system is constantly evolving and in the event of a security hole, a patch would be made in a very short time. Overall, compared to other CMS systems, TYPO3 is designed with much better security in mind.

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Possibilities with TYPO3

As mentioned above, TYPO3 is a universal development tool. From a simple website to a complex company system with a number of APIs to other IT systems – there is no limit. However, due to the wide range of options, the initial configuration of the system is more difficult than that of systems providing fewer options. Therefore, its use for a simple small project may be less cost effective in comparison.

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