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Web design – the essence of project credibility

Web design is the graphic design of a website, web shop or a portal. Thanks to web design, you will see how the individual elements on a page will be arranged and what your web presentation will look like. When creating a graphic design for your web solution, we primarily focus on functionality and clarity, of course, with an emphasis on the visual identity (corporate identity) of your company.

As a result, well-designed graphics can significantly help you attract a larger number of visitors to your website, as well as make the navigation throughout the website much more appealing and simple. Thanks to this, we gain a greater advantage over the competitors.

Web design is not just about graphics

Web design is not exclusively about the graphic design of the web page, but also the logical layout of elements (user interface – UI) so that the web page visitor can get to the sought after information or to perform an action on the site as fast and easily as possible. It also includes typography, which means the use of fonts on a web page so that the text is as easy to read as possible for every visitor. Typography is usually based on a company’s corporate identity. However, it is often the case that a company does not have elaborate font designs in its corporate identity for use on the web. In such a case, when designing the graphics (user interface design – UI) we strive to incorporate the fonts that best fit the corporate identity.

When designing a web, we create not only the graphics (UI) of the main page, but also all other templates of individual subpages. In addition, we would also prepare a graphic design for mobile phones, so that the user experience (UX) of the website, e-shop or any other web-based solution is as good as it gets on all devices.

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What you need to know If you decide for a Web Design

Graphic design of a website, web shop or a portal – benefits and how its made

The required number of pages – better clarity of your website

One of the main influences on the final costs of web design development is the number of subpages. In general, if you want a web page to be clear, in addition to the graphic design of the main page, a separate graphic design of subpages is also created. In most cases, a template for content layout and graphic design of the contact page is also proposed. In the case of larger web presentations, the design of the product page is also created, as well as other necessary pages that require a unique graphic design.

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The graphics’ heftiness – web design for higher customer trust

The complexity of the graphics depends very much on your idea of ​​what the website should look like and, of course, also on the type of your business and the information and materials supplied. In most cases, we use photos from the photobank to create a graphic design, but not for every segment, you can buy suitable photos that capture the company’s identity. Therefore. In such a situation it is a good idea if you provide us with photos, or based on information about your business, we will create a collage of photos to capture your business as accurately as possible.

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Web design of website’s mobile version – the foundation for a successful business

All our solutions, even the most basic ones, contain responsiveness, i.e. The website adapts to the mobile phone or tablet automatically, but especially with larger solutions, such as a portal or a large website, this solution may not be ideal in terms of usability for the visitor. For this reason, a special mobile version is created to better navigate the visitor to the web solution, which will ensure faster and clearer access to individual information.

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According to what do we create Web design – clarity brings more customers

As mentioned above, when creating a web design, we place emphasis on your corporate identity, clarity, and quick availability of information for the visitor. In addition to many years of experience, we also use various analytical tools in graphic design. For pages with a large range and high traffic, after the complete development of the solution, we implement recording devices into the solution, which monitor the behaviour of each visitor, how they move the mouse and what information these visitors are interested in.

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Web design, texts and SEO – more traffic = more interest

The range of texts on the website also has a big impact on the final look of your website. Paradoxically, websites that are user-friendly, contain a lot of text, are less graphically appealing and are highly ranked in search engines without paying for advertising, than websites that contain little text and a lot of photos. For this reason, before starting to design a certain graphic, it is important for us to know the purpose of the website and what form of marketing you will use to promote it.

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