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Thanks to SEO optimization you will get more customers without having to pay for advertising

Search engine optimization SEO (Search engine optimization) – In more than 90 percent of the cases, people use search engines to obtain information from the Internet. They enter a keyword and gradually go through the list of results until they find what they are looking for. By implementing SEO elements of search engine optimization, we are able to place your website at the top of the Google search results list.

36% of people believe that the companies that are at the top of the search results are the best in its field.

SEO - optimatizácia pre vyhľadávače

Fundamental information about SEO

Important information that you need to know

What does SEO offer to me?

SEO search engine optimization can bring you new customers through Google search engine, but as well others through different means. Today, most people use Google to find information, businesses, products, and services. Thus, it is extremely important that when a user enters a keyword into a search engine, your website will appear in the search results. If it doesn’t appear on the first page, it’s as if it doesn’t exist for users.

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What to do to get my site to the top of Google search list

SEO requires a smaller or larger scope of work. This always depends on the complexity of the keyword in relation to the competition. If your competition is strong compared to weak competition, a much greater effort is necessary. Therefore, before starting any SEO optimization, we must first get acquainted with the factual state of your website using SEO analysis and use it to determine the procedure and scope of work.

When do the SEO results become noticeable?

There are several factors that affect the results of SEO optimization. Some of these factors are the scope of the website, the time required for work, the age of the domain and the number and quality of links leading to your website. Of course, it also has the effect that if the page was not optimized at all and it is an old domain with lots of links, the results will show relatively soon.

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How much does SEO cost?

The price of SEO depends on several factors. The first is the current state of your website and its SEO optimization. The second factor is the complexity of the keyword, i.e. the strength of your competition for that term. In principle, it will be easier and cheaper to optimize a website that uses less search terms or multi-word terms than for websites with highly searched keywords with strong competition.

Other forms of propagation

Don’t have time to wait? Maybe the following types of promotion may appeal to you

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Google Ads Advertising

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Social marketing

Target your potential customers via social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and others… more in the section Marketing on social networks

printová reklama

Other forms of propagation

If you need to increase awareness of your brand, in addition to online advertising, you can use other forms of promotion… more in the section Offline advertising