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Choosing the appropriate platform is the key when deciding on your eshop solution. The quality of design is, in addition to marketing, the crucial element affecting the success or failure of the sale of a given product. Your e-shop needs to be well organized and allow visitors to navigate easily and intuitively.

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Custom made eshop – why it’s important

Nowadays, there is a plethora of eshop solutions as well as platforms for hire. This raises the question of why to have a customized eshop developed. The answer is simple. An eshop is used to sell products and therefore it should be logically arranged and as easy as possible for the customer to shop in. In practice, it happens that many online stores look simple and well done at first glance. However, due to complicated steps of the purchasing process, many customers might leave the online shop before finalizing the purchase. The benefit of a customized e-shop is especially appreciated by online store owners who invest money in advertising. It is common that the average monthly cost of promoting an eshop is between 3,000 and 10,000 euros. With such an investment, every customer who doesn’t buy from the e-shop means a loss. If you do not want to lose customers, it is extremely important that your e-shop meets all the elements of easy shopping. The customer needs be able to find the desired goods as quickly as possible, compare their parameters and buy them.

We can develop a high-quality customized eshop solution starting from 4,500 euros.

The right eshop is customer-oriented
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What you need to know if you decide to go for an e-shop

Information that leads to the best possible solution

Eshop budget

The most significant factor when choosing the most appropriate e-commerce solution is the budget. Even with lower budgets we can deliver a quality solution although having only basic features. Such an e-shop is a good choice for a start-up or small business. The budget has a huge effect on the choice of platform and consequently how the eshop can be scaled up in the future.

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Store features

As long as functionality is involved, it is important that you let us know your requirements, based on which we can suggest a suitable platform for your budget. This is also true if you choose to have an eshop built on open source. More expensive platforms, such as Prestashop or Magento have a lot of special functionality already incorporated, but typically it is still needed to purchase, install or modify individual modules. This can have a significant impact on the price, especially in case of more sophisticated solutions.

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Number of products

As with the previous points, it’s important for us to know the estimated number of products your store should offer at launch or in the future. Based on the number of items, we can suggest an appropriate platform choice. In case of a small number of products, it is not necessary to use sophisticated platforms that require extensive modifications.

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Marketing, eshop promotion, building brand

On top of an e-shop development, it is also necessary to choose a suitable form of promotion. There are many options to promote your online store, such as SEO optimization, paid Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, print, radio or TV advertising and others. Each form of marketing has its own aim and merits. Let us choose the most suitable form based on your promotion requirements.

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The e-commerce platform

As already mentioned many times, it is fundamental to choose the right platform. We can provide you with a suitable platform depending on your other requirements. For smaller eshops, we recommend using WooCommerce or OpenCart. For medium and larger projects, we recommend Prestashop or Magento. For special requirements and excessively high traffic, we can also develop a customized frontend for these platforms. This will give the eshop unlimited functionality and extremely high loading speed.

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Frequently used platforms for eshop design

We typically use these



For simpler web shops with a smaller number of products, we recommend a web shop built in WooCommerce due to its simplicity



A solution suitable for creating a medium or large-scale online store with a number of functionalities and extensions… more in the Prestashop section



Like Prestashop, it is suitable for medium and large e-commerce solutions, but compared to Prestashop it is more demanding for customization… more about Magento