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Company system – creation and development of company systems

Streamline your work, your employees’ performance, customer relations and much more

The corporate system should be a part of every medium and large-sized company. Thanks to such a system you can significantly simplify and streamline the functioning of your company and thus save a lot of money spent on salaries and possible errors.


A corporate system can also help your business

Why invest in a corporate system

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Thanks to having an overview of the work performed by individual employees, you can increase management efficiency. The possibilities are almost limitless, such as a few examples of assigning tasks to individual employees and then checking their activities, arrivals and departures, checking the time an employee spends working for your company, inventory overview, checking drivers, fleet and many more. Thanks to these benefits, the company can save on wages, fuel, minimize theft and much more.

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More money

Thanks to the efficiency described above, saving money is obvious, but that’s not where it ends. Higher performance of your employees can also be reflected in higher sales. Precise instructions will minimize the potential error of an employee, such as misunderstanding the task, which can significantly reduce the time to solve it and your company will deliver the work sooner. Through the company system, you can maintain control over the vehicle fleet, thus reducing the cost of its operation. There are countless financial benefits and we will be happy to explain them to you when consulting the solution.

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Easy to use

The clearly designed system saves time when obtaining data and significantly improves the overview of the overall functioning of your company. If you are interested, we can also design and create mobile interfaces that your management and employees can use in the field.

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Possibility of connection with third party applications

If your company uses third-party applications, such as an accounting or warehousing system that you do not want to change, we can connect the newly developed system to an existing company system and applications. Depending on the requirements, in cooperation with the developer of the third-party system, we can provide either one-way or two-way communication between the systems.

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Customer relationship

Thanks to the overview of your customers, you can have various information at your disposal, and thus improve the relationships or sales of your products. A number of functionalities can be incorporated into the system, for example complaints. In such a scenario, the customer enters a complaint into the system, the system processes the request and can send it to an authorized employee, who is currently available, and so the complaint will be resolved without undue waiting. However, this is just one of hundreds of ways you can improve your customer relations with your business system.

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Connecting the internal system to the website

Some of the information contained in your business system may also be useful to your website visitors. In this case, we can create an administration interface for customers on the website, where there will be a folder in which you will be able to enter the necessary documents and information for the customer. Also, through the website, the client can send a request to your corporate system, which significantly speeds up the customer’s communication with your company.

Company system and its components

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design, the foundation
of a quality system

The project documentation serves as a basis for the contracting parties and at the same time the programmer – more in the Project Documentation section

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UI and UX

system elements

If you do not want the system to be usable for you and your employees, UI and UX are an inseparable place when designing a system

Creation of mobile applications

Mobile applications

your system

If you need your employees to have the system available at all times for better control and more efficient task management, a mobile application may be useful here