Company IT systems – design and development of company IT system solutions

Business process automation

ůlohový systém

Streamline your work, performance of your employees, customer relations and much more

The corporate system should be part of every medium and large company. It allows for a significant simplification and streamlining of your company’s operations thus saving a lot of money spent on wages and potential errors.

Company IT system – this how the development process works

We can develop almost any IT system based on your requirements. First, we will strive to understand your wants and needs in their full extent. Next, we will prepare project documentation. Project documentation includes a detailed description of the entire project and the design of its individual parts. All the different functionality is graphically represented and dutifully explained.
Once the documentation has been approved by you, we will make the time and price estimate of the project. Then the coding work begins!
Due to the complexity of the company IT systems, the development time ranges from several months to even several years.

Make your business perform better
With a company IT system

Firemný systém na mieru

IT system can help your business grow

Why invest in IT system

Work efficiency

Your IT system gives you an overview and control over the work performed by your employees. This allows for an increase in management efficiency. The possibilities are practically limitless. You can give tasks to individual employees and control their fulfillment. You can check arrivals and departures, control the time an employee spends working, you can control your warehouses, drivers, fleet and much more.

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More money

Saving money is an obvious benefit of the above-mentioned efficiency. However, there is much more to it. Higher performance of your employees could also be reflected in higher sales. Precise instructions will minimize potential employee error, such as misunderstanding the task. This could significantly reduce working time per task and the results would be delivered sooner.

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Ease of use

A well-designed system saves time of obtaining the right data and significantly improves the control of the overall running of your company. You might also desire a mobile app that your management and employees can use in the field.

API – connecting with third party applications

If your company uses third-party applications, such as an accounting or warehousing system and you intend to keep it, we can connect the newly developed system to an existing IT system and applications via an API (Application Programming Interface). Depending on the requirements – and in collaboration with the developer of the third-party system – we could provide either one-way or two-way communication between the systems.

Customer relations

Thanks to your newly acquired overview of your customers, you would have various type of data at your disposal, and thus could improve the customer relationships or sales of your products. A number of functionalities can be incorporated into the system, such as complaints management to give an example. The customer would enter a complaint into the system, the system then processes the request and sends it to an authorized employee who is currently available. This way, the complaint would be handled immediately. This is just one of numerous ways you can improve your customer relationship taking advantage of your IT system.

IT system <–> website connection

Some of the information contained in your company IT system may also be of use to visitors of your website. If this is the case, we can develop an administration interface for your customers directly on your website. It would include a section storing all the necessary documents and data you want to make available to your customer. On top of that, via your website the clients would send requests to your IT system. All this would result in a significant increase in speed of the communication between your company and customers.

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Why don’t you show me more references?

We are bound by non-disclosure agreements for the majority of the corporate systems we have developed. For this reason, we are not entitled to publish the projects as references. If you are interested in a personal meeting, we can also present projects absent on our website.

Company system and its components

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Project documentation for development

Project documentation

The project documentation serves as a background for the contracting parties and the programmers alike – more in the Project documentation section.

Web design

UI and UX

If your desire is a good user experience for you and your employees, UI and UX must be an integral part of the system design.

Mobile apps development

Mobile apps

If you want your employees to be connected to your IT system at all times for better control and more efficient task management, a mobile app will definitely help you.