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Corporate identity (CI) – let people know who you are

Logo and corporate identity are among the basic pillars of any successful company. The logo symbolizes your brand and sets it apart from the competition. Based on the logo design, typography and corporate colors, customers should intuitively know that this is your company.

The above makes it obvious that it is not worth saving on the design of logos and company visuals. You can find out why this is the case and what the corporate identity design consists of in the text below.

Logo and corporate identity – why it’s important

Designing a logo and corporate identity is one of the first things to think about after founding a company. Your logo is the visual flagship of your brand and your company will be identified by your customers through your logo. Therefore, the company logo should be unique, easy to remember and handily designed. It is especially true because it will most likely be used not only on your website or e-shop, but also on all your corporate and promotional visuals.
With more costly solutions the logo is also designed to capture the values, vision and mission of your company. By this, your visual identity and brand recognition are strengthened. When designing the logo, the company colors that are part of your corporate identity are also incorporated.

Properly designed corporate identity also helps your company in brand recognition, especially when running an advertising campaign. Brand recognition also has a psychological impact on a potential customer. When deciding between two similar brands, the customer tends to prefers the one they actually recognize.

Corporate identity logo
Also affects brand recognition

What you need to know when you decide to have your logo and corporate identity designed

Basic information

Logo design – the foundation of a successful business

A logotype, or logo, is a graphic element associated with your company or firm. When a customer sees your logo, they would think of your company. A properly designed logo can inspire more trust in clients and can endure for decades.

It is not advisable to save on a logo, because an incorrectly designed logo, used for advertising and print visuals, can mean that a later change will cost you much more money than the initial savings.
Initial savings in the order of tens to hundreds of euros can lead to re-branding costs in the tens to hundreds of thousands of euros for larger companies.

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Logo and corporate identity design – how much will it cost?

A number of factors affect the final price for designing a logo and corporate identity. For this reason, it is advisable to consider the following before contacting our company regarding a price offer. These factors include:

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Corporate identity – the visual identity of your company

Corporate identity, in addition to creating a logo and designing corporate colors, also includes the design of graphic elements that get used in the visual presentation of your company. These elements complete the overall visual image of your company. Their use is wide, they are not used only on promotional materials and business cards. For example, corporate colors and elements can also be part of the looks of your office or building.

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Logo design – is it necessary and what it should contain

The design manual defines the use of the logo, its trademark, the definition of the color scheme in CMYK, RGB, or RAL, alternative color, fonts used, incorrect use of the logo and others. It can also include previews of the logo or elements of corporate identity on company visuals, but also on your company’s products.
The design manual gives you freedom to turn to any design agency for getting your company visuals done.
Anything you order from any other agency will look compatible to your existing visuals – thanks to the design manual.

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