Cinema network in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Romania

TYPO3 CMS, linking “disdata system”

Webdesign cinemax

Project overview

For the CINEMAX cinema network, we have developed a complex web portal. The development scope ranged from designing of the website, a mobile version, ticket sales website, displaying the cinema program on TV screens in front the entrance hallway to the actual cinema and box office system (sales through cash registers). We developed the website on the TYPO3 content management system (CMS) and linked it to the DISDATA system. The web portal includes filters, and works with more than 70 cinemas throughout the Slovak Republic.

Project challenges

High web traffic and complexity of the solution

One of the most difficult tasks of this project was to design the most intuitive logic of the entire ticket purchasing process. Due to the original website being dated and hence using an obsolete logic of the pre-mobile age, responsivity for mobile devices could not be achieved. Another problem we had to face during development was the difference in the size of the cinema halls affecting the purchasing process. For these reasons, we had to develop a completely different layout for the desktop and a special layout with a completely different look and functionality for the mobile version.
Another challenge was to fine-tune the loading speed of the website and reduce the load on the web server.
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Web design

Web design / UI /UX

Programovanie na mieru

Web coding

Nákupný proces


Mobilná verzia

Mobile version

Tvorba webu cinemax

Graphic design

When designing the graphics, we placed the greatest emphasis on the simplest possible process of selection of the movie screening times and tickets. Simple and intuitive website navigation was also amongst the top priorities for both the desktop, but especially the mobile version. Even a few years ago already the mobile beat the desktop traffic.
Since the use of a classic web interface was out of question here, we had no option but to rearrange the website components in a completely different fashion for the mobile version – as opposed to the desktop one – in order to achieve smooth mobile user experience.

Responsive website

For better user experience on mobile

Cimenax mobilná verzia

From booking to cinema ticket

just visit the cinema and show your mobile phone

We have developed a complete purchasing process from the selection of the movie and screening time to the purchase of tickets for specific seats in the cinema to various specialties such as different ticket prices for individual cinema series, application of coupons for discounts or free tickets.
On top of the simplicity of ordering, we have also solved the connection of the purchase process directly with the cash registers of individual cinemas and generating of online tickets. After purchase, the e-tickets are in the visitors’ phones and can be presented when entering the cinema.

TV Screens showing the cinema program

While the TYPO3 website manages the purchasing process, it is also a control center for the entire cinema network. Not only are movies and screening times displayed on the website, but the data is also displayed on TV screens above the cash registers where you purchase the tickets. At the same time the program is cast on TV screens installed on the top of the cinema halls, allowing the cinema visitors to find the desired hall and movie more easily.

Prepojenie na obrazovky pre sálami

Cinemax thumbnails


Tvorba web stránky pre sieť kín
Tvorba objednávkového procesu pre kino


Mobilná verzia web stránky
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