It is extremely important for online store to be tailored for your potential customers , to have the most logical ordered structure, to be the most understandable and have attractive design-designed to not dissuade customers from buying. This point, however, is only part of the success. Extremely important is the promotion, search engine optimization, and many other factors.
There has to be care of every intertnet store, restoring range of products, changing prices of individual products, adding events, watching the offer of the competition, adding selected products in stock prices of so-called comparative price checker and much more. For many customers E-Shop consists of the following comparative prices up to 50 percent of sales. Each comparative price cherker requires the XML file to your products for working. In our company we can generate from your e-shop this XML file automatically to vary each time you change your items or prices in your webshop.
Our people are professionals in the field. We are able to advise and help with specific problems, add new items, create an advertising campaign or take over the entire management of your e-shop.
Bad designed shop can make your customers leave your site during the purchasing process.
We can watch the number of customers that have left and on the basis of statistics design solutions that increase sales efficiency.
We will implement measuring Google Analytics code on your website that gives you useful information that will be used to your advantage, such as where your customers come from, what region and how long will they be on your page, etc.

As the engine of your shop we can implement systems for Magento, PrestaShop, Open Cart, but of course we can also create a tailor system.